7 Best Hamburger Restaurants in Istanbul

Once a person wants to eat a hamburger, whatever he eats instead, that desire does not go away. When you say let’s do it at home, you are probably afraid of not being able to fully catch those gourmet delicacies you eat out or you can’t take a long time to prepare.


Esteban – Besiktas

We start with Esteban, one of the gourmet burger places in Beşiktaş! Mendoza burger, which stands out with its truffle mornay sauce with Gruyere cheese on its menu, is one of the first to try. For those who say “I like hot”, we recommend Burning Mendoza with spicy sriracha mayo sauce! If you want french fries to accompany your burger, Esteban’s cajun spiced fries are just for you. The spice balance of perfectly cooked french fries is finger-worthy. Those who are looking for the perfect burger menu, we can take them down to order in no time.

Esteban address: Abbasağa Mahallesi, Yıldız Caddesi, No: 1, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Maps: https://g.page/ESTEBANFOODS?share 


Zula – Uskudar

Zula, which has branches in Şişli, Beşiktaş and Üsküdar, and which you can order from all branches thanks to Yemeksepeti Vale, is sure to prepare the most delicious hamburgers in the city! Especially the B.I.G. The burger is one of those things you should add to your must-try list. The filling patties that fill the eyes before the stomach catches a delicious harmony with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, and the effect of truffle mayo sauce, which is a flavor that you cannot easily find everywhere, leaves a perfect taste on the palate in every bite. If you are one of those who say, “A menu like this deserves a sweet ending”, we say to save room in your stomach for Zula’s famous cheesecakes.

Zula address: Unalan, Libadiye Caddesi, No:78, Usküdar, Istanbul

Other : Sisli, Esentepe, Besiktas

Mr. Hamza Plus – Sisli



Here’s how to take burger patties well-done lovers! Mr. Hamza is one of the most assertive places in terms of variety and taste in hamburgers. When you see the burgers on the menu, you may not be able to decide which one to choose for a long time, and you may want to try them all one by one. If you are one of those who love plenty of meat in hamburgers, let Cowboy Hamza be your first choice with its smoked meat and barbecue sauce accompanying the delicious burger patties. If you say “No, I like hot”, Mexican Hamza, which turns into a festive taste with special Mexican sauce and jalapeno peppers, turns into a feast on its own with the contributions of crispy onions, mushrooms and of course cheddar cheese, is one of our favourites, we recommend it.

Mr. Hamza Plus address: Halaskargazi, Zafer Street, No: 5/A, Sisli, Istanbul


Burger@ Fresh & Fast – Bakirkoy


There are so many burgers on the menu that we’re sure you’ll want to try a different one each time you order. If we come to our suggestion, for meat lovers, the New York burger prepared with tenderloin, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheddar and roasted peppers; For those who like traditional tastes to burgers, we recommend Pastrami Güzeli, which is prepared with pastrami, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, accompanied by juicy hamburger patties. I can’t get enough of the burger sauces they prepare with care, we tell you.

Burger@ Fresh & Fast address: Kartaltepe Mahallesi, KoSuyolu Caddesi, Bakırkoy City Residences, Bakırköy, Istanbul

Noa Burger & Food – Besiktas


Why are its regulars increasing day by day, we continue with Noa Burger & Food, one of the places you will understand when you order! Aside from the juicy and juicy burger meatballs of Noa, which also has a branch in Nişantaşı, there is such a flavor in their menu that it would be hard to pass without mentioning it: Rib burger! Beef ribs, which they cook for 8 hours on a slow fire, are like Turkish delight and take their place among the soft hamburger buns. When cheddar cheese, crispy and caramelized onions are included in the event, a flavor that we want never to end emerges. You can’t easily find this burger, which can be admired separately for its soft meat and bread, and separately for its sauce, our recommendation.

Noa Burger & Food address: Dikilitas Mahallesi, Emirhan Caddesi, No: 99, Dikilitas, Beşiktas, Istanbul


Beeves Burger – Kartal


We are at Beeves Burger, which is one of the frequent destinations of burger lovers on the Anatolian side with its branches in Ataşehir, Kartal and Pendik. Maybe we can’t go right now, but we can reach the delicious burgers on the menu with one click and enjoy them at home! When it comes to its menu, Beeves Burger is one of the most ambitious addresses for burgers. With its special truffle mushroom mayonnaise, every bite is guaranteed to be happy, Monte Carlo or Chicago, which makes its difference with steakhouse sauce, is worthy of your mouth. For those who like surprises in burgers, we strongly recommend the Texas burger, which pushes the limits of taste with its meatballs filled with smoked smoked and mozzarella cheese.

Beeves Burger address: Orta, E-5 Soganlik North, D-100 Over Yanyol, Kartal, Istanbul

Akali Burger – Besiktas


It is not in vain that Akali, which serves in Etiler, Akaretler, Beyoğlu and Ümraniye, and which you can order from all its branches thanks to Yemeksepeti and Yemeksepeti Vale, is one of the first addresses that come to mind when you think of burgers in the city. Let’s just say that the fame of burger buns is being talked about. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, you can buy Akali burger in its most basic form, and enjoy cheddar cheese, pickle spread, pickled onions accompanying delicious bread and juicy meatballs. If you want to try different flavors, we highly recommend extra sauces such as avocado cream, jalapeno mash, eggplant remoulade or truffle salsa.

Akali Akaretler Address: Visnezade Mahallesi, Dibekci Sokak, No: 11/A, Beşiktas, Istanbul


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