Clean Beaches in Istanbul 2021

Kilyos Beaches

Is there anyone who has not heard of Kilyos, the savior of the summer days we spent in Istanbul? It is the closest swimming point for Istanbulites living on the European side. Even if you come out of season, you can take a walk on the long beach and walk your pets. It is also very enjoyable to take your folding chair and table and set up in a corner. Even the best time is out of season. Although all of them are sufficient businesses in themselves, of course, do not expect an environment like Seşme Beach Clubs from any business here, and it is debatable whether you can get your money’s worth. There are rows of other businesses and public beaches along the coast, but we do not know their status.



With its 5000-person capacity beach, its 3000-vehicle parking lot, and its wide area between Kilyos beaches, Tırmata Beach draws attention. The fact that at least one of the guests who will benefit from the beach must be a woman and that the family concept comes to the fore makes Tırmata one step ahead of other beaches. Another advantage of this beach is that the restaurant’s prices are more affordable than those in the surrounding area. The current entrance fee of Tırmata Beach is 70 TL on weekdays, 95 TL on weekends and 1 soft drink as a gift. Children 0-6 years old are free. 40 TL per person between the ages of 7-14. Weekends are applied on holidays, public holidays and public holidays.


The beach, which started to serve as Million Beach with the change of hands of Babylon Kilyos, draws attention with its wide grass area, clean beach, colorful cushions and successful music and activities that last throughout the day. The venue serves as a breakfast place in the morning and a fish restaurant for lunch and dinner. Activities such as backgammon, board games, chess, lego, football and volleyball allow you to spend a pleasant day. At Milyos Beach, whose entrance fee is 45 TL on weekdays and 65 TL on weekends, children over the age of 8 are charged full fee, while children aged 0-8 are not charged.



Solar Beach, which redefines the standards of the concept of ‘holiday in the city for urban people’, offers vacation, sea, sun and sports under the same roof. Solar Beach promises Istanbulites a comfortable summer holiday with its wide sandy beach of more than 1 kilometer, a deck and beach for 2000 people, restaurants, bars and parties. Solar Beach is for those who want to get away from the city without giving up the entertainment and opportunities of the city, thanks to the activities it organizes such as the newly opened surf club, aroma therapy beauty center, pet center, health center, gym, markets, shops and fashion shows, as well as workshops and jet ski championships. offers an ideal holiday opportunity. The entrance fee per person is 40 TL on weekdays and 80 TL on weekends. 0-7 years free. Over 7 years old full price.


Owl Beach

OWL BEACH, operating in the facilities of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Kilyos Gümüşdere village, is one of the decent beaches in Kilyos where you can go as a family and enjoy the sea and the sun. Owl Beach is open from morning hours until sunset with its sandy beach, a very large sun terrace and a cafe restaurant where you can buy snacks. Baykuş Beach, which differs from its peers especially as part of its mission to support Mimar Sinan University, serves both Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University members and graduates as well as guests from outside. To enter Baykuş Beach, you have to pay 40 TL per person on weekdays, 20 TL for students, 60 TL per person on weekends, and 40 TL for students. Children 0-12 years old are free. Over 12 years old subject to full ticket. The entrance fee includes parking, sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and cabins.


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