The Story Of Galata Tower in Istanbul

This tower, which is the most important and oldest monument in the historical Galata District; It has been used throughout history for different purposes by the Romans, Venetians, Genoese and Ottomans.

Galata Region for the Ottomans; Just like the Romans, it was seen as an outer neighborhood. This is one of the 4 required regions of Istanbul (Suriçi, Eyüp, Üsküdar and Galata judgeships) that are governed by a judgeship. After the conquest in 1453, the Genoese preserved their settlement and trade rights here. The Ottomans, who took over the region after the conquest of Istanbul; They also knew that the Genoese and Venetians would benefit from the conversion, but the Ottomans continued to be distant about Galata. The state and the public did not see the Galata Region as much use in the 1800s. According to the researches, in the 1600s, a continuation of 80% of the break even appeared. In the Galata Region, which is divided into different settlements, 70 Greeks, 18 Muslims, 3 Franks,

Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi’s Flight from the Galata Tower

Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi took the example of a Turkish scholar named Imam Cevheri, who wanted the same thoughts centuries ago. Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi’s experiments in Okmeydanı and his experiences attempted to fly from the Galata Tower. Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, who left the Galata Tower into space in a morning with the inquisitive eyes of the people of Istanbul, flew across the Bosphorus with the effect of the wind. passed and landed in Üsküdar. Flight information is included in Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book.

Galata Tower Legends

When the Galata Tower is mentioned, two different legendary stories come to mind the most. According to the first of the legends; The Romans, when a man and a woman go to the Galata Tower together for the first time, necessarily result in their marriage. It is believed that if he climbed the Galata Tower, this talisman would be broken. Another legend is a bit more fairy tale. According to this legendary story; Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower are two towers in love with each other. It is considered impossible for these towers with a big throat between the two towers to meet. The towers, whose longing is increasing day by day, think that the strait between them will no longer be a problem when Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi climbs the tower. Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi’s flight from the European side to the Anatolian side is actually related to the love of the two towers. According to the legend; Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, the letters that the Galata Tower had accumulated for centuries, took wings next to him and left these letters to the Maiden’s Tower during his flight. Realizing that her love was not unrequited, the Maiden’s Tower started to become even more beautiful after the letters. Galata Tower understands that her love is not unrequited and alone.


The Story of the Galata Walls

Three of the Galata Walls as “Christos Walls” are on the land side and one is on the sea side. Entrances and exits to Galata Region; In the past, it was built on two separate parts. The fact that nine of these gates are in the direction of the sea indicates that Galata was a port city. The Galata Walls, which are said to be 14 kilometers in total from start to finish; It is said to have a height of 10 meters to 12 meters. It is known that the son remnants of these walls were washed in 1864.

Transportation to Galata Tower

From the road next to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts building on Refik Saydam Street, after a short walk, on average, 300 meters, to the Galata Tower. You can also take pleasant photos from the road. The easiest way to reach Galata Tower is the metro. After getting on the Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro, get off at the Şişhane exit to Refik Saydam Street. If you are coming to Galata Tower; by Istiklal Street; You can reach Tünel Square and come to Galata Tower by entering the street that is located just ahead of the street where the metro is located. You can visit the restaurant, located in the Galata Tower, which is open to visitors until 22:00 at night.

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