Where is The Best View In Istanbul

Mecidiye Mansion Terrace

Mecidiye Mansion, which offers you a unique view of Istanbul, is one of the main places that helps you watch the Maiden’s Tower from directly opposite. The terrace, which has a medium height, is located in the garden of Topkapi Palace. The terrace, built by Sultan Abdülmecid, almost forms the entrance line of the Bosphorus. You should definitely add Sarayburnu, Tophane, Dolmabahçe, Beşiktaş, the Bosphorus Bridge and the terrace where you can watch the islands as you wish, to your must-see places.

Nakkas Hill/ Kuzguncuk


Nakkas Hill; It is one of the most magnificent places to be preferred by those who want to spend a quiet time away from the eyes. You can feel the strikingness of Istanbul in all your bones while sipping your hot tea when you climb the hill, which overlooks magnificent places such as Çırağan Palace, Ortaköy Mosque and Feriye.


Molla Aski Park

Molla Aşkı Park, which gives you a natural city atmosphere with its green texture, is always flooded by visitors with its cafes in its colorful and cute garden. You can bring food from outside to the park, where you can watch districts such as Galata, Sütlüce and Fener from a monolithic perspective, or you can buy it from the cafe. When you come in summer, you can have nice and fun picnics with your children.

Sulaymaniyah and Cauldron



Caulk Place, 5-10 meters above the sea; It is a magnificent stop that allows you to watch unique places such as Sarayburnu, Hagia Sophia, Galata Bridge, Camlica Hill and Maiden’s Tower. The 700-meter area stretching between Galata Bridge and Unkapanı Bridge; It starts from Thursday Market and extends to the Golden Horn. You can have pleasant conversations with your friends while sipping your Turkish coffee in the place, which takes on a different beauty with the illumination of the city in the evenings.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque Courtyard



Yavuz Sultan Selim Hill, which has been known as the 5th hill since the Eastern Roman period, is one of the prominent places for those who want to watch Istanbul from a wider perspective. The octagonal tomb in the courtyard of the mosque helps to reflect that spiritual spirit more clearly. In addition, the mausoleums of Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Sultan Selim the Magnificent, and Abdülmecid are also striking in this mosque.

Big Camlica Hill


One of the most visited cruise places in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul is Büyük Çamlıca Hill. With a height of 268 meters, the hill looks like a colorful balcony stretching against the skyscrapers on the European side. When you go up to the hill, you will see through the view; Galata, Haydarpasa, Rumeli Fortress, Kandilli, Topkapi and Sultanahmet and Islands accompany. When you go to Çamlıca Hill, which will fascinate you at any time of the day with its panoramic view, you can capture beautiful frames that you can leave as a souvenir from your trip.



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